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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Decision-Making in 2023

The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to make the right decisions about how to move forward. The more prepared you are, the less overwhelming it will be.

Entrepreneurs are considered habitual decision-makers because they make numerous decisions on a daily basis. As a business owner, you should be able to assess the right choice that would benefit your organization. However, it requires more than a clear vision and determination. It might be risky to simply act boldly and react to problems as they arise. Decision making can spell the difference between profit and loss – which may seriously affect your business. Even sensible and practical strategic business decisions need support for proper implementation.

According to McKinsey and Company, managers of a typical Fortune 500 company may waste more than 500,000 days annually due to poor decision-making. While this may seem appalling, a closer look reveals clear patterns that link the reality of many business environments to the way leaders make decisions that can impact organizational success.

This article will provide some guidance on how to improve your decision-making process. By being aware of how you approach the process, you can gain more confidence in your decision-making skills.

Know what’s important

Time is a valuable resource, so you should focus on what matters most. Ideally, every decision should be carefully considered based on a detailed analysis of the facts. However, some decisions are more crucial than others. Simply getting things done may not be good for your organization. The good news is that you can identify what these things are. Here's when your values and priorities come into the equation. Your values ​​are the key factors that motivate you. When you establish priorities based on your values, you make decisions based on what is most important.

Develop a growth mindset

Adopting a growth mindset is key to continued business success, and making decisions that foster this entrepreneurial trait is critical to the health of your business. A growth mindset allows you to view your business objectively. While it's relatively easy to ask yourself if your decision will lead to growth, the honest answer is often complicated. Growth is uncomfortable and almost always requires choosing the hard path rather than the easy one. Leading with a growth mindset allows you to adapt to change, overcome challenges, prepare your business for new opportunities, and make effective decisions. You'll then be able to recognize potential choices that may be holding you back, anticipate industry changes you need to prepare for, and identify how you can improve your business.

Weigh the evidence

Making sound decisions requires understanding the given situation as comprehensively as possible. Fundamentally, using evidence for decision making entails working toward critical business goals by leveraging verifiable, evaluated information rather than relying on guesswork. In most cases, this means gathering data from multiple sources. You can arrive at better conclusions if you use the evidence derived from outside sources, such as research results, personal or professional experience, or business statistics. You can also obtain your evidence from organizational or business indicators such as company metrics, best practices, KPIs or observations of practice settings.

Identify your blind spots

Blind spots are areas where you lack knowledge, adequate abilities, or experience, which might negatively impact your decision-making. This happens when you can identify biased thinking in others but fail to see the effect of bias on your own judgment and decision making. When making significant decisions, it's often necessary to get out of your own way. Be more careful the next time you have to make a decision that involves one of your blind spots. By examining and challenging your own assumptions, you can reduce conflict, make better decisions, and be more open to the perspectives and experiences of others. It is important to make a decision that you are confident in.

Challenge the status quo

Effective decision-makers are always looking for ways to improve not only their teams but also their personal performance. Although it might be costly in terms of both time and resources, it can also lead to unexpected breakthroughs. Simply asking "how do you know" at a critical point in the decision-making process can make the difference between success and failure. Success is rarely achieved by people who accept the current way of doing things as the best way to get things done. Strategic thinking forces decision-makers to be open to innovative ways of doing things and to look for solutions that will achieve business goals through unconventional means.


This new year, commit to growing your business by making the right decisions. Mastering the art of making good business decisions is a valuable skill, especially during times of change or uncertainty.

Decisiveness is the key to effectively implementing plans and achieving set goals. Use this skill to develop the best solutions for a competitive and future-proof business. Contact Peach BPO for your financial Advices!

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