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Reflect and Connect: A Look at Holy Week in the Philippines and Our World-Class Team!

As February winds down, we want to take a break from spreadsheets and ledgers to delve into a cherished Filipino tradition: Holy Week, known locally as Semana Santa or Mahal na Araw. As a world-class company with a strong Filipino presence, we’re proud to share a glimpse into this significant cultural and religious observance.
Next, we shine a spotlight on one of our amazing team members. Get ready to be inspired by the story of Denise! Embodying our values of care, stewardship, and diligence, Denise consistently exceeds expectations and plays a crucial role in your success. But beyond her dedication and expertise lies a captivating journey of balancing motherhood, a fulfilling career, and a passion for continuous learning.


What is Mahal na Araw ?

Holy Week is a week-long observance, from Palm Sunday (March 24, 2024) to Easter Sunday (March 31, 2024), commemorating the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's a deeply religious and solemn time for the majority-Catholic population of the Philippines and holds great significance for many other Christian denominations as well.


How Filipinos Commemorate Holy Week

Spiritual Reflection: Many Filipinos attend daily church services, pray the Stations of the Cross, and engage in personal reflection and penance.
Visita Iglesia: Visiting seven different churches for prayer and meditation is a popular tradition.
Processions: Elaborate processions featuring colorful religious statues and devoted participants are held throughout the week, culminating in the "Pasasalamat" (Thanksgiving) procession on Easter Sunday.

Each day holds specific observances:

Palm Sunday: Palm leaves are blessed, symbolizing Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
Maundy Thursday: Reenactments of the Last Supper are held, and churches remain open for overnight prayer.
Good Friday: A day of mourning and fasting, with solemn processions depicting the Stations of the Cross taking place in many towns.
Black Saturday: Churches remain quiet in anticipation of the resurrection.
Easter Sunday: The week culminates in joyous celebrations marking Jesus' resurrection. Families gather for a special Easter feast, and churches hold joyous Easter Vigil services.
Understanding Holy Week helps us appreciate the values and beliefs that shape our Filipino team members. This is a time for them to observe traditions and connect with loved ones. However, rest assured, our operations will remain uninterrupted. We are fully committed to providing you with the same white glove level of service and expertise you expect throughout this special period.


Faces of Peach

Meet Denise, an exceptional team member who has been with Peach BPO for over a year.

Who is Denise?

Juggling motherhood and a full-time career is no small feat, and Denise does it with grace. As a mother of three energetic kids, she cherishes spending quality time with them. Most weekends are filled with movie nights, playtime, and catching up on much-needed sleep.

Prior to joining the company, she spent 11 years honing her operational skills at a leading Philippine bank, primarily handling loan processing. Deciding to prioritize her family as her children began school, she made the transition to Peach, where she could seamlessly balance work and family life.

What makes Denise stand out?

Her tireless initiative! Clients consistently commend her for regularly following up, even outside operational hours. This may seem like a small gesture, but it leaves a lasting impact, building client trust and ensuring your needs are always met.

She thrives on a supportive team environment, considering her colleagues her "go-to" source for help and inspiration. This collaborative spirit fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth, ensuring our team is always at the top of their game.

As a bookkeeper, she recognizes the importance of clear communication with clients, actively honing her skills in this area. She even takes bookkeeping courses to stay sharp and understand your needs from all angles, and collaborate seamlessly with our bookkeeping team. This well-rounded perspective allows her to bring a positive and approachable attitude to her interactions, making her a pleasure to work with for both clients and colleagues.

For Denise, what makes Peach stand out?

“Peach stands out because we take the time to offer customized solutions and the team is always empowered to expand their technological skills.” Denise says. This focus on talent enhancement resonates deeply with her, as she strives to improve both personally and professionally.

What drives Denise outside of work?

When she unwinds, you might find her engrossed in a captivating Korean drama or immersed in the latest K-pop tunes. While these hobbies reflect her personality, her dedication to professional growth shines equally bright.

She's a great example of the dedicated individuals who make our exceptional service possible, and we're proud to have her on our team!
We extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us in celebrating the beauty of Filipino traditions and the remarkable talents among us, exemplified by Denise.

Wishing you a meaningful Holy Week and continued success in all your endeavors.
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