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Why Peach BPO is the Right Choice for your Business?​

Let’s front load some things first. You are a busy person. Your time is limited. We will not spend time beating around the bush. The details will come but to help you get on with your day you can read the first sentences of the next two paragraphs and get the gist just fine.

You are running a business, which means you focus on two important things; time and money. And there is never enough of either. Unless you are swimming in access cash, you spend time finding ways to optimize your capacity and spending. As a business manager you would likely say yes to having more resources working on your business and also spending less than what you were previously paying at the same time. This is what Peach BPO does.

Peach BPO gives you more of your time and money back by providing cost savings (up to 70%) on important business functions such as bookkeeping/accounting, payroll, HR, and customer service. Peach BPO’s core mission is to help businesses understand that getting the resources you need while saving the dollars you work so hard bringing in is within reach. Let’s break that down a little more using bookkeeping as an example.

You are likely paying a good amount of money to your bookkeepers whether they are part time or full time. Bookkeepers on average go for $21.17 per hour. (source) Peach BPO at the top end of our scale is $10 per hour and $7.50 for folks needing full-time help. This savings cascades to payroll which often is combined with bookkeeping roles, HR staff, and customer service representatives.

Not only are our rates much lower, Peach BPO provides you with staff that have typically from 5-15 years of experience, a college education, and backgrounds in companies that are internationally recognized.

In other words, the talent you can expect with Peach BPO is equal if not greater than you can find locally. If you are wondering what the catch is we would say there are none. To the point, there are no “gotchas” here. Our rates are fixed depending on the time you need, and no other fees apply.

If you need Peach BPO’s services reach out to us. We will be happy to engage with you on your business process needs.

We Want To Hear From You!

We will happily offer you a free consultation to determine how we can best serve you.

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