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How To Stop Your Accounting Firm From Leaving Money on the Table​

If you are a tax professional this is the busy season. You are likely spending a great deal of time with current clients that need their taxes filed. On top of that you are getting calls from folks that have dragged their feet on getting set up with a proper accounting/bookkeeping service for the last (insert number of years they have been in business) and they need their taxes filed too. As much as you would like to welcome new clients your family wants to see you once in a while, and it would be nice to actually sleep.

At some point you can’t scale the business on your own steam. Hiring folks is the obvious choice though the numbers have to make sense. Your current excess workload might not justify another full time position. Even if you did have the client list local talent is hard to find…so…it seems like a tricky pickle indeed.


What if there was a way to get cost effective experienced talent to help get through your current client load with minimal stress and also scale your business in as little as two weeks from request to placement?

Enter Peach BPO.

Peach BPO is an Athens Georgia based company that provides highly experienced cost effective accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and data entry talent to help your firm scale with the growing line of clients you have waiting at your door.

With Peach BPO you can start to think about what your firm would like on a much greater scale. Our reasonable rates and talent pool allow you to confidently take on more clients. You will not have to face the dilemma of whether or not you can keep your sanity or take on more work again. We even offer fractional and temporary services for when you need only a little help to get by.

Here is how reasonable our rates are; a full time position for a bookkeeper is $1200 a month. A person working 20 hours a week is $650 a month. All our placements have a considerable background in accounting and bookkeeping and will be able to be productive on the first day. There are no additional fees. It is that simple. You pay for talent and time and Peach BPO will deliver.

Peach has helped many companies realize incredible savings on their bookkeeping and we would like to extend this advantage to your firm. If you have had to turn away clients or come to the realization that you have more work than you can do on your own, get Peach BPO to help!

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