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Accounting Firms; Stop Drowning In Work, Make More Money, And Satisfy Your Clients!

Imagine the peak time of the year. Deadlines are looking tight. You have stayed late just about every night. Weekends just means you have to answer fewer emails…and you have a client that needs to clean up a full year of their books before tax deadlines. Maybe you don’t have to use your imagination. You can remember it — perhaps you are living through it right now. Or maybe you have taken on a very big project and as Murphy’s Law takes effect and an audit letter hits your mailbox. For a profession that needs to deliver on predictable schedules, it sure does seem like there are a lot of curveballs that can head your way.

How about a scenario on the alternative side? You are doing great and others want to get in on your firm’s client list. The only problem is you do not have the time to absorb more clients, so you have to refer people out and end up losing revenue. Sure you can increase your rates because you are in demand, but you cannot increase the time in a daily cycle. At some point, you will reach a capacity limit. You can hire a junior but they take time to get up to speed. It would be better to have a person with considerable experience come in start supporting your clients right away, but that can get expensive.

Have you ever had a client that has grown considerably and you can no longer give them the support they need? How bittersweet is that? You have seen them through this stage in their company’s journey and now you have to say goodbye because they need more than you can currently give.


You likely have. It is a professional hazard for sure. But what are the results? You likely already know, but let’s go through a few here.


Bookkeeping is a very time-consuming and tedious job. During the peak time of the year, tax season, firms have a lot of work pressure. Having capacity issues and last-minute emergencies on top multiplies the work stress. There is good stress and bad stress and the kind of stress these situations tend to manifest comes with issues such as burnout, degraded work product, and robs you of a feeling of satisfaction for the good work you do.


Handling strategic tasks, looking after your core business, acquiring new customers, serving existing customers- this is more than enough work to do! With the high workload and stress, overloaded firms end up delivering sub-standard services. It results in lost customers, and a whole lot more investment to find new ones to take their place.


As we talked about before, a firm performs diverse business functions ranging from basic bookkeeping to complex financial management involving portfolios, tax management, and business strategies.

Tax advice, financial management, and financial advisory require a more strategic approach and more time to think creatively and problem solve. A firm’s value-added opportunities get missed due to the pressure of completing the basic jobs.

You know a lot more about business beyond credits and debits, but you cannot offer those services if you are treading water just keeping your client’s books maintained.


You must have quick customer support to stay in touch with your customers. From time to time, updating them on their work status is also part of a pleasant customer experience.

When working with all your time on doing, you cannot keep a communication window with your customers. The long-term impact of this communication gap is frustration and ultimately a drop in your clientele.


Right now you are likely thinking, “So, are you going to tell me that Peach is the answer?”

And we would say, “Yup!”

Consider two recent stories of how we were able to save the day for some of our CPA clients:

A client wanted their taxes filed for 2020. Not unreasonable. But they wanted it done before taking a trip out of the country next week, and their books required complete rework for the year 2020. Our CPA client did not have the time or motivation to handle this client’s emergency. Enter Peach. Our professionals took the challenge of their high transaction accrual-based accounting business. Not only did we complete the job within 4 days, but the cost of the work provided was well under budget — a total cost of $500. The CPA’s customer was very happy as well as the CPA. Now imagine what it would cost you to have four days during tax season.

A client wanted to file for a PPP loan, but there was no accounting done for 2019 and 2020. And all they had were PDF documents with a lot of doodles, scribbles, and coffee stains on them. It was impossible to convert it to word or excel to start working. He wanted a rework for the years 2019 and 2020. Peach took the challenge of doing everything from scratch. We were able to complete the job within 30 hours and a budget of only $300. This client made the deadline and our CPA client looked like a saint.


If not yet, here are some of the perks you will have by outsourcing bookkeeping tasks to Peach BPO.


There are so many bookkeeping firms providing more or less the same services. What helps Peach BPO to stand out in the market?

Simply put our bookkeeping services are by far the most cost-effective. Our fees are designed to give you the ability to decide the rate you want to provide your clients. You will come out much further ahead with Peach.


During the tax seasons, the pressure of bookkeeping is at its peak. You can easily acquire as many customers as you want. Why?

Because we define Peach BPO by timely services with premium quality. By outsourcing your services to Peach BPO, you can expect to get the before-time final product with accuracy.


Undoubtedly, bookkeeping is the basic task among all accounting tasks. But at the same time, it is one of the most tedious and hectic jobs. Great attention to detail and vigilance is required to be a professional bookkeeper.

At Peach BPO, we have your back with our vetted professionals and experts of bookkeeping. No entry will be missed from the eyes of our professionals. You will get professional services in a very cost-effective manner. Our bookkeepers/accountants have a minimum of 8 years of experience. All have a four-year degree some higher. They all can hit the ground running on what needs to be done on the first day.


Our specialty is 24/7 support and a fast turnaround time. By choosing Peach BPO as your strategic partner for bookkeeping services, you can expect regular updates from our professional team about assigned jobs. We believe in working together. Therefore, you will get round-the-clock customer services with Peach BPO.


When Peach BPO has covered you with their bookkeeping solution, it will positively influence the overall productivity of your firm. You can focus on other business affairs while we will do the bookkeeping for your clients.


Do you need to get your head above water? Do you need to expand and want an easy cost-effective bolt-on way of doing business? Peach can fill the resource gap for you as soon as a day.

Call us. You will be glad you did.

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