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8 Things to Look for When Hiring a Bookkeeper

As a start-up company, there are several things that may challenge your business in the first few years. Being a newbie in a competitive industry entails overlooking all areas of work and sustaining it, but that alone is already overwhelming. Sometimes, expanding your workforce is the solution to prevent your business from crumbling. When handled by real, experienced professionals, potential threats and problems can be urgently managed. This will also help you and your company contain all the stress especially in departments that require serious work when Hiring a Bookkeeper.

Finances, for one, is an area or function that should be effectively managed in a company to ensure success. The growth of your business heavily depends on how you handle your finances, and it is understood that not all minds are made for numbers. That is why one thing that your company should invest in is hiring a bookkeeper who will handle all the transactions–both incoming and outgoing–to track the sales, expenses, and overall cash flow that would determine your company’s development.

However, just like every other job position, you must consider a few things before hiring one because this job is not an easy task. Here are 8 things you should look for when hiring a bookkeeper:


The saying “work smart, not hard” can be applied to this because it is already given that your company should prioritize efficiency and accuracy at the same time. As the employer, we know that the least that you would want is to experience delays and encounter problems in your company funds. Since bookkeeping work is already quite challenging, being familiar with different accounting techniques and shortcuts should be one of the things you are looking for in your candidates. By doing so, this skill will be put into good use and will do the trick in accomplishing things effectively and smoothly.


An often neglected skill among bookkeepers is communication. A bookkeeper must be able to directly communicate with you to explain common financial reports and any concerns that may arise in your business. Bookkeepers must also be able to communicate effectively in order to share technical knowledge and complex financial matters with your stakeholders. They must be able to speak clearly both in person and over the phone or video call.


Bookkeeping is a detailed work. It is not something that can be done in an easygoing manner because the company’s performance in the market relies on these reports. Should you hire one, it is important to let your candidate know how crucial their responsibilities are and if not, as the boss, make certain that he does. Raising awareness on the workload a bookkeeper has will prepare them for their job duties and work environment and ethics.

One way of knowing this is a recommendation call to their previous company, experience, or work colleagues.


Whether you seek an in-house or outsourced bookkeeping service, it is necessary to ask your applicants of their commitment not only to the job, but also to the company. It does not really matter if they are working full time or part time; as long as they can prove their firm dedication to their profession because a huge part of the company depends on their role. The information they are about to handle is significantly confidential, so commitment to professionalism is a must. One way of determining this key factor is asking your candidates’ past experiences and their contract clauses during interviews.


One of the most important characteristics of an ideal bookkeeper is trustworthiness. When you rely on that person to manage your company's finances, a whole new level of integrity is expected. It makes good business sense to protect yourself with a confidentiality agreement. While you should trust your bookkeeper, you should also ensure that your business is protected. Your bookkeeper will be handling a lot of sensitive information that must be kept private—not only for the sake of your business, but also because you have a legal obligation to keep all of your customers' records private.


Transparency is very closely related to honesty. Nobody likes shady people, especially if you're working with them. A good bookkeeper's job is to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your finances and to advise you on the best solutions. If your bookkeeper has this quality, you should stick with them. Hire someone you can rely on not only to deliver excellent work but also to protect and grow your business.


There are different industries in the market, so bookkeeping services also rely on these different areas. As an employer, it is presumably easier–for both the business and the applicant–to hire a bookkeeper with specialization in the industry your company is in because he is already familiar with the general regulations, trends, and market flow. In that way, things can be easily picked up and would not go back to square one.


Providing bookkeeping services is not an easy one, and the heavy workload may put your employee on the edge and affect their quality of work. When hiring a bookkeeper, it is better to ask your candidate’s behavior when the tension is high and deadlines are approaching. In that way, it can be addressed and managed as early as possible, and expectations are already set even before their official start.


A bookkeeper’s job is integral to every company as their role affects your business development. That is why you should think ahead when hiring them to ensure that every activity that involves finances is properly recorded and fully accounted for at all times. If your candidate possesses the qualities mentioned above, then he or she might just be the right individual to help you achieve your company’s growth and success. Focus on your core business activities and let your bookkeeper take care of the numbers.

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